Physical Copy - Pretty Deadly Films #5

Film In Dublin presents Pretty Deadly Films
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Our zine celebrates the best of blockbusters, cult hits and fave films, where the pretty and the deadly do things that are pretty deadly. On film.

Issue Five - Reboots, Returns, Revivals is available now and you can get a chartbusting physical copy sent right to your door. This issue features:

Art by Amy Lauren McGrath and Panamoo

A recipe for Zombie Brain Chocolate Cupcakes from burlesque baker Oh Golly! Miss Dolly!

An essay on the expectations of actors who have to reboot their image by Jess Dunne

An essay on the un-killably cool Scream series by Emma Kiely

À la carte blanche - a curated menu of reboots from locally-sourced directors

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Physical Copy - Pretty Deadly Films #5

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